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What We Aspire  

In the changing times with a lot of exposure from the outside world, it has become difficult to load the child with values which have lost ground. The new values have to be inculcated in the new set-up, to make them bold enough to face the reality, the quality of being steadfast, to be able to cope up with the changing environment, and this is our mission. Our next goal is to create thinking individuals. This is the prime need of the hour to bring back the glory of the past.

Ultimately we believe in one world, one nation theory. The philosophy of universal brotherhood so that ultimate peace may prevail in the society and all over the world.

This way we might be able to make a small contribution to  preserve our planet-The Mother Earth.

All the goals and the aspirations for the new millennium are Child Oriented. What the school wants to see is that a child educated here should be able to project and present himself very successfully. He must imbibe in him the spirit of the traditions and culture of the country and at the same time should be so confident in his knowledge that he is able to walk with his head held high.

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D.A.V. Public School,
Itki Road, Hehal, Ranchi,
Jharkhand – 834005
Phone : (Sr.Wing) 9262395062, (MCM Block) 9262395063, (NDG Block) 9262395064, (ASB) 9262395065
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